TOPLoc® for Advanced PVC

TOPLoc® for Advanced PVC

With its color-matched look, easy installation, and strength, TOPLoc™ fastening system delivers everything you need to keep TimberTech’s dense boards in place and perfectly secure.Compatible with TimberTech Advanced PVC boards only.Visit your local dealer or retailer to see and learn more about this product.

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Strength and Stability Designed to maintain a lasting hold on TimberTech’s dense boards.
Color Coordination Head-painted fasteners complement Advanced PVC Decking colors, blending beautifully to preserves your deck’s design. Choose from Brown, Dark Brown, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Tan, and Light Tan.
Strong and Specialized 305 grade stainless steel screws are high quality and ACQ approved, with a TORX® ttap® drive system for a wobble-free install.

Available in: • 100 sq. ft. (350 stainless steel 2-1/2”screws) • 300 sq. ft. (1050 stainless steel 2-1/2” screws) Compatible Decking Colors: Brown: Mahogany, English Walnut® Dark Brown: Kona®, Dark Hickory, American Walnut™ Dark Gray: Castle Gate™ Light Gray: Slate Gray, Coastline®, Boardwalk Light Tan: Weathered Teak®, Brownstone, French White Oak®


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