Authentic Brick Oven Flavor

Would you like to be known as the best chef in your neighborhood and the talk of friends and family? With the installation of a Stoneage Manufacturing outdoor pizza oven kits, hand poured and manufactured in Monroe, CT you will be able to take your backyard dining experience to a whole new culinary level! Traditional Italian pies, open-faced baguette pizzas, slow turned chickens and briskets, as roasted vegetables are just some of the items you will be able to add alongside that juicy steak. And the best part is all will have that amazingly authentic, brick-oven flavor.

The building process of an outdoor pizza oven kit just became a lot easier as well! With basic masonry skills, these ovens can be built in 3-4 hours (Please note, curing time is up to 28 days). Once you are done, simply finish with the look of your choice of stone or stucco.

Our Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits Specifications

Picking your outdoor pizza oven kit comes down to the style, and the amount of entertaining you do.

Our range of kits are installed in 3-4 hours, and once done you can personalize and finalize with the look of your choice (stone or stucco). From traditional pizza pieces, open faced baguettes, homemade breads, and even roasted vegetables, an outdoor pizza oven is the way to cook and entertain.

A chart comparing our Amerigo, Mezzo, Brick Oven, & Vecchio Pizza Oven Kits
Amerigo 1512 Sq In 25.5" x 12.5" 48" x 42" Dome
Mezzo 800 Sq In 15.5" x 8" 36" x 33" Dome
Brick Oven 668 Sq In 24" x 21" 34" x 42" Traditional
Vecchio 688 Sq In 24" x 9.25" 34" x 42" Traditional

The Amerigo & Mezzo pizza ovens are two similar pizza ovens that are offered with different dimensions to fit your outdoor living needs.

Our Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits Specifications

The Mezzo

The Mezzo™ Pizza Oven, an outdoor pizza oven kit, offers old world cooking in a traditional barrel shape design, with a medium-sized footprint and over 800 square inches of cooking surface that will deliver a lifetime of enjoyment in your outdoor kitchen.

You can fit 3 — 14″ Pizzas or 4 — 10″ Pizzas in the Mezzo™ Oven

The Amerigo

The Amerigo™ Pizza oven, an outdoor pizza oven kit, offers everything you need for old world pizza and much more. With more than 1500 square inches of cooking surface, the Amerigo™ has the space to cook plenty of pizza for the largest parties and families, plus the flexibility to handle any other style of cooking you can imagine.

You can fit 2 — 18″ Pizzas & 1 — 12″ or 4 — 16″ Pizzas, 12 — 10″ Pizzas or a single pizza up to 24″ & 2 — 3 — 12″ Pizzas in the Amerigo™ Pizza Oven.

The Stone Age Brick Oven

The Stone Age Brick Oven outdoor pizza oven kit offers limitless cooking flexibility for the outdoor chef, and its taller firebox opening makes it the perfect choice when a combination fireplace and cooking appliance are desired.

The Vecchio

The Vecchio Pizza Oven, an outdoor pizza oven kit, is available with a 24” firebox opening width and 28” depth. The firebox opening height in 9” which includes the arched lintel. The Vecchio is a smaller, easy-to-manage design that integrates perfectly with our modular kitchen kits. The Vecchio™ Pizza Oven delivers the fun and flavor of wood-fired baking with the perfect combination of size and style.

Outdoor Fireplace Pizza Oven Kits

The Mezzo Vent Free

The Mezzo Vent Free fireplace is a 24″ vent free gas fueled fireplace with a wood burning Mezzo Pizza Oven on top. This is great for smaller projects that have limited space.

Caminetto Medeo

If you’ve wanted a fireplace and a wood fired oven, and envisioned having both together in a single attractive package, The Fire Farm now has the Caminetto Medeo fireplace-oven combo. This features a straight lintel firebox similar to our 60″ New Age™ 60″ with a Mezzo wood-fired oven.

Caminetto Grande

The Caminetto Grande fireplace-oven combo features a linear fireplace based on our New Age Zero Clearance Fireplace model, joined with a custom version of our Mezzo to maximize beauty, functionality, and enjoyment

Wood Suggestions:

Hickory, Pecan and Mesquite wood – any cured wood suitable for smoking meats. Oak is good for heating ovens & generating a bed of coals. Any flavored woods (apple/cherry).