Hidden Deck Fasteners


Get the most seamless installation possible with our exclusive hidden deck fastening system. Like our composite decking, our deck fasteners are both beautiful and durable—and even backed by a limited lifetime warranty against any loose deck boards.

Benefits of our Hidden Decking Fasteners

  • Easy installation
  • Concealed deck fasteners create an unblemished deck surface
  • Superior hold for secure deck boards
  • Durable materials for long-lasting strength

Hidden Deck Fastener Options

Aegis Clip™

The Aegis Deck Clip’s teeth fit perfectly into each deck board’s grooves, reducing lateral movement for added stability. Made with glass-reinforced plastic for added strength, the Aegis Clip is compatible with wood and metal frames.

MoistureShield® Deck Clip

MoistureShield® Deck Clips extend the life of your deck by elevating the boards off the joists to reduce structural rot and mold. Made in high-strength carbon or stainless steel, the MoistureShield Clip is compatible with wood frames.