Distinction Collection

Rustic Walnut features multiple shades and highlights within the brown family, ranging from dark to light browns.

Grey Wood includes colors ranging from dark grey to light grey with highlights throughout each board.

Shaded Auburn is filled with a rich combination of reds and dark brown colors and highlights.

Spiced Teak showcases a variety of shades and highlights within the blonde spectrum, from dark brown to light blonde.

Grooved Edge

Square Edge

Deck Boards:

Nominal Size :
1″ x 6″ (12′, 16′, or 20′)
12″ Skirting (12′)

Actual Size :
7/8″ x 5-1/2″
7/16 x 12

Lengths Available:

Grooved or Square Edge
Available in 12′, 16′, or 20′ lengths
*Companion Skirting Available in all colors

Span Chart:

Span (90°) – 16”
Span (up to 45°) – 12”
Stair Stringers – 12”

Envision decking products are nonstructural products. These decking products should not be used in structural manner, including use as joists, load-bearing columns, stringers or beams. Actual size may vary +/- 1/16″.

Questions About Installation?

Start with our Installation Instructions.  Check out these videos for installation with various fastener options.

Trusted Warranties

Backed by our 25-year residential and commercial limited warranty, and an industry-leading 5-year full start period.