Cortex® for Advanced PVC

Cortex® for Advanced PVC

Confidently secure your entire deck with Advanced PVC Cortex, a 100% hidden fastening system featuring collated plug strips and a TORX® ttap® drive system.Compatible with TimberTech Advanced PVC full profile boards.Visit your local dealer or retailer to see and learn more about this product.

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Blends in Beautifully Fastener remains hidden because the included plug is made from TimberTech decking and color-matched to all Advanced PVC collections.
Strong and Specialized Deck screw is high quality, ACQ-approved, and has a TORX® ttap® drive system for a wobble-free install.
Compatible Unlike other hidden fasteners, Cortex fasteners can be used on the entire deck surface, including stairs and perimeters.

Available in: • 100 sq. ft. – TimberTech Advanced PVC only (350 carbon steel screws, 400 plugs) • 300 sq. ft. – TimberTech Advanced PVC only (1050 carbon steel screws, 1200 plugs) • Plug replacement pack (40 collated plugs) • Bulk plug pack (400 collated plugs) • 100 sq. ft – Cortex ® 316 Stainless Steel Screws (350 screws) • 100 sq. ft – Cortex ® for Decking as Cladding (365 screws)


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