The Simpson Strong-Tie® SCS is a hybrid clip designed specifically to allow both slide-clip or fixed-clip applications in areas of high seismic activity. Everything about the SCS clip — from its heavy-duty steel manufacturing to its strategically placed darts to the location of its fastener slots and holes — has been engineered to provide exceptional resistance to in-plane seismic loads.  Backed by our real-world, full-scale cyclic testing, the SCS seismic clip delivers the highest seismic loads in the industry. Slide-clip testing shows that attachment at the first slot is most critical to in-plane capacity, the SCS is designed to accommodate two large washer screws (included) at the first slot attached to the stud.  The hole types and locations maximize the SCS clip’s versatility, with three prepunched oblong slots for slide-clip applications and a pattern of round holes allowing fixed-clip options to meet a range of load needs.